Raft Building, Team Building and Archery Adventures

Challenge the mind and body with an active and educational adventure!

Right on target for inginuity and comeradery!

Raft Building

This is the ideal activity for groups of 4 or more who want to challenge both the mind and body.  The aim of the session is for you and your group to work out how to build a raft using only wooden spars, barrels and rope.
So, think carefully about how you build it, otherwise you might end up with a different view of the lake – when you are in it!  You will then be expected to launch your raft on a lake and paddle to a given destination – that is if it stays in one piece!  If you are up for more challenges and games, your instructor will get you involved in doing little challenges when you are out on the lake – be aware you are likely to get wet!
With larger groups, you might be working in teams, in competition against one another.  When out on the water you can then choose to take part in some games, such as races or tug of war between the two rafts (wetsuits and helmets are provided).  This activity is very well suited to stag and hen groups, as well as, larger groups of friends and families.

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