Ghyll Scrambling Adventures

Enjoy an adventure of scrambling over rocks and in waterfalls with challenges along the way.

Wild wet and fabulous!

Ghyll Scrambling (Gorge Walking)

Our Ghyll scrambles/Gorge walking sessions are suitable for most fitness levels. These sessions involve, rock climbing up waterfalls, scrambling up and over rocks in waterfalls and taking part in little water challenges along the way.  Nothing quite prepares you for the feeling of the cold fast flowing waterfalls tumbling down upon your head.

On our intermediate and extended trips, you get to experience several great climbs. There is also opportunity to do some small jumps into rock pools ropes and harnesses are used to assist you with the more challenging sections of the scramble.


Our canyoning trips give our customers the opportunity to experience adventure and adrenalin by the bucket load! For this activity customers scramble up and over rocks in waterfalls. Ropes and harnesses are used when venturing up the more challenging sections.  There are little water challenges along the way, as you scramble up and in the waterfalls.  Then, as you descend, the adrenalin really starts to kick in, when you are given the opportunity to jump off some high rocks and plunge into deep rock pools.  This activity is aimed at our thrill-seeking customers.

We suggest that this activity is for those of reasonable fitness levels, who would feel comfortable jumping from height into water.

There are some quite committing jumps on the canyoning trip, so we have an age restriction of 16+.

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