Abseiling, Rock Climbing & Ghyll Scrambling Adventures

From the experienced to the learner, our courses are made to measure.

Get a grip and learn the ropes!

Rock Climbing/Abseiling

Whether you are a complete beginner or have experience in climbing, we can literally show you the ropes!

On a real rock face in the outdoors, our climbing sessions are run by experienced SPA qualified instructors.  This is a great way to see the surrounding countryside, whilst feeling a sense of achievement.

We choose sights that are suited for all abilities, once you have climbed up, you then get lowered back down in an abseil position.


If you have a head for heights or wish to take yourself out of your comfort zone, why not challenge yourself to go over the edge? Abseiling is a popular year-round activity. We use open vertical rock faces for our abseiling sessions. You will be in control of your own descent down the rock face, with the added protection of a safety rope, controlled by your instructor. There is no need to have any prior experience of abseiling.

Both these activities can be done in Lancashire and the Lake District.

Ghyll Scrambling (Gorge Walking)

Our ghyll scrambles/gorge walking sessions are suitable for most fitness levels. These sessions involve, rock climbing up waterfalls, scrambling up and over rocks in waterfalls and taking part in little water challenges along the way.  Nothing quite prepares you for the feeling of the cold fast flowing waterfalls tumbling down upon your head. 

On our Intermediate and Extended trips, you get to experience several great climbs. There is also opportunity to do some small jumps into rock pools Ropes and harnesses are used to assist you with the more challenging sections of the scramble.

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