Canoeing, Kayaking & SUP Adventures

Learn to paddle/balance or take part in a real Lake District “Swallows and Amazon’s ” themed adventure!

Variety and Adventure!


Paddling in our open Canadian canoes, allow you to take in stunning lake district views. Our canoeing sessions offer our customers the opportunity to develop paddling techniques, as well as, to take part in fun and games on the water. During the warmer months, our canoeing activities often result in getting wet (wetsuits are provided), whereas, throughout the colder, winter months we tend to keep our customers dry.

If you like adventures or the story ‘Swallows and Amazon’s’ you might like to try our ‘Swallows and Amazon’s’ inspired adventure session. This session is ideal for families, as it allows your little one’s imagination to run free! Canoes are doubled up and rafted together to allow families to paddle together to the famous ‘Wild Cat Island’ (Peel Island). On landing, everyone can disembark and explore the island. Following the story theme customers will make a shelter and fire. Groups then have the chance to cook marshmallows and popcorn on the fire. If appropriate, participants will have the opportunity to jump off rocks into the lake. On the return journey you might also have time for a few games on the water.


Our basic bush craft sessions can be included within some of our other activities. The sessions involve setting up camp and making shelters, learning fire lighting skills, preparing fires to cook on, toasting marshmallows, making popcorn and a hot drink.

This is a great extra to add to a Canoe trip.


With our qualified kayak coaches, we can support you to develop your kayak skills.  We can take your group paddling on a journey around the lake or along a short, slow river. Our kayaking sessions can also incorporate some little challenges and kayak games whilst out on the water.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

We give our customers the opportunity to try out stand up paddle boarding. This can be a full session or mixed with our other paddle sports activity sessions, as shown below. 

Please see below our activity sessions:

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